Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rumor : Windows 8 Can Play Xbox 360 Games ???


Ok, This rumor already hits the net on various website, so I'm deciding to put it to my blog to.  as far we know Microsoft decide to merge Games For Windows Marketplace with as we can see in here.

Basically Xbox 360 its modified PC, and their OS is modified Windows, Xbox 360 Controller is compatible with PC, and Microsoft decide to release PC version in their hardware site. even their Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows its compatible with all Xbox Accessories, to bad this Wireless receiver is rare in my country and hard to find, the only way we can get it is buy a Xbox 360 wireless  controller with the price around $ 60. and the last one their last weapon Kinect can be used in PC to, even its used 3rd party driver, but from their reaction they will release official driver soon for windows 7. maybe in windows 8 they already include this driver.

All of this is still Rumor, and I think its not a Microsoft style, its not Bill Gates style. we all know Microsoft right, its to good to be true. maybe the question is which version of windows 8 that can played Xbox 360 games, yeah they always have a various version of windows with their own advantage and disadvantage. but lets we say this feature will be come in Windows 8 Ultimate version.

But if this rumor comes true PC will have a advantage in LIVE play with their keyboard and mouse, don’t know yet if there will be a cross platform LIVE games. but I think there won’t be any chance like that. but as a PC gamer this will be a good news but don’t hold your breath for waiting.

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