Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sherlock [TV Series] 2010

Imagine the Great Detective live in 21st Century to solved crime, that would be great right. well i think this mini series is epic because I'm a die hard fans of Sherlock Holmes.
This series cover a  story of sherlock holmes in present day as a consulting detective ("only one in the world and he invented the job") as a crime solver, fighting the mysterious Organization called Moriarty. which is their crime is always perfect and only can be solved by sherlock. His Deduction is always become the great aspect from this series, because this series take place as a present days you can see a lot of technology from now like a cell phone, Laptop, and Blog. well sherlock and dr. watson is a blogger now LOL. this series only contain 3 episode with 90 minutes running time/episode, and the conclusion in episode 3 is still mysterious. well let's hope next year they release the next season.

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