Friday, May 8, 2009

Benq Joybook S41

I've bought this notebook on august 2008, yeah a good notebook spec with value price i think. you can have a great vga Geforce 8600m series in this notebook, even Dell Xps still using the 8400m series. This notebook have a good score to on windows vista, about 4.5, so it's a good notebook in my opinion....!!!
But there is one big problem, the overheating processor can execute autoshutdown command. Imagine you in the middle of work and your notebook suddenly shutdown automatically, or when your burning data to dvd and your notebook shutdown again. You must be really really depressed about this.
Well in their offical website, benq didn't mention this trouble and how to solve this, but when i read it in some hardware site and forum, they mentioning people with the same problem. this problem solve and back to normal when they dismantle the notebook cover and clean some dust in the heat sink, but i'm still didn't try it. because my notebook still under guarantee,
yeah maybe ill try it next time, when the guarantee is over.

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